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We are currently offering a limited range of products on our site. We will be adding the rest very soon (lighting, circuit protection, fire safety, CCTV and much more...)
We are currently offering a limited range of products on our site. We will be adding the rest very soon (lighting, circuit protection, fire safety, CCTV and much more...)

Digital Transmitter MMT-01

MyMasjid Digital Transmitter MMT-01
  • Small, low power unit
  • Connects to your existing sound system
  • Crystal clear, interference-free audio
  • Unlimited range - broadcast worldwide
  • Automatic Broadcasting
  • Online Portal to manage account, view live stream data and more
  • Automatic Recordings (optional extra)

Broadcast Better

The MyMasjid Digital Transmitter is a small low power unit that connects to your existing sound system to deliver crystal clear, interference-free audio to anyone listening from home and at any distance from the masjid. Compatible with the MyMasjid Digital WiFi Receiver (more details below on benefits for masjids).

Live stream salaah, bayaans and other events over the internet with unlimited range. You’ll receive a dedicated page in our Directory, displaying all your masjid info, links and socials as well as a live audio player for people to listen online (see our Directory page for yourself). Access our Masjid Portal to view current live stream data and manage your page links.

We also have an Android/iOS app containing the same Directory, also allowing people to listen live, but with the added convenience of adding multiple Favourite masjids for quick access as well as “online” notifications to alert users the moment you begin broadcasting. However, our recommended way to listen is using our MyMasjid Digital WiFi Receiver – a major upgrade to your listening experience. Using premium quality materials and fully custom software, our receiver is not only simple to use but improves upon every aspect of our analogue radio receivers (see below for more details).

Automatic Recordings (optional)

Opt for Automatic Recordings to create a high-quality mp3 file for each broadcast. Recordings will be uploaded to your own account on the Masjid Portal where you can review, rename and publish them – published recordings appear on your Directory page in the website and app.

How does it work?

It connects to your existing sound system, requiring a mains and ethernet socket nearby. Once installed, no action is required from your end – the system will automatically broadcast when the sound system is turned on.

You may be familiar with our previous analogue transmitter and receivers (google search “DFR-1956 and DFR-1957” by Derby Firelec). However, unlike traditional analogue systems, the MMT-01 will connect to our servers to broadcast, using an internet connection rather than a radio, and will automatically start with your sound system.

Your existing transmitter system will not be affected in any way. If you were to install our digital transmitter, both systems would work simultaneously, with the option for people to listen from home using their old receiver or our new MyMasjid Digital WiFi Receiver. However, at such an affordable price, our hope is for our digital receiver to soon replace all analogue receivers in the homes of your musallees, thereby removing the need for the analogue system completely.

Interested in Selling Receivers...?

Enjoy a massive discount, with no minimum order (for masjids only), allowing you to sell at the retail price with all profits going toward the masjid. If you'd like to learn more about our Reseller Scheme and how it brings exclusive benefits for masjids, as well as pricing and other important info, please click here.

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